Set up a market stall

Set up a market stall

To sell well on the market, you need to have a well-equipped market stall. Prepare yourself properly. Make sure you have the right promotional tools. Make sure the market stall is layered so that people passing by can immediately see what you are selling. Dress the sales tables nicely and provide products with price tags. Provide a good assortment and make sure that business cards and flyers are present. Don't forget yourself and bring a chair.

Set up a market stall: 10 essential supplies in a row

During the outdoor season you can do good business at the market. If you want to increase the sales numbers a bit or generate more publicity for your company or shop, it might be a good idea to go to one of the many markets or events in your country. But what should you pay attention to when setting up and installing a market stall? Which important necessities should certainly not be missing if you want to attract the visitor's attention? We will show you.

Be prepared

A good preparation is half the work. The same goes for setting up a market stall. In the preparation phase, think carefully about which type of market, fair or event is most suitable for your products. Is it an event that my target-group would visit? What kind of buying public can I expect? How many visitors does the market usually attract? And what are the people visiting the market sensitive to?

By asking you the above questions and tuning your pitch to them, the chances of a successful sales day will increase considerably. It often also helps to experiment with various test set-ups at home or in the store in order to find the best possible design for your market stall.

Feather flags and banners

It is of course important that your stall stands out among the rest. Therefore, use beach flags and roll-up banners to embellish your market stall. With a beautiful, eye-catching beach flag in front of or in the stall, you can show your company logo, message or products to visitors and potential customers from a distance. Roll-up banners on the side give your stand some extra style and attention.

The advantage of promotional tools such as beach flags and roll-up banners is that they are easy to carry and set up. Ideal to use on a market! Beachflags are also available in different models of beachflags. Plenty of design possibilities and maximum flexibility are guaranteed.

Apply layers

Also provide supplies that allow you to divide the tables with products into layers. By presenting products at different heights, items stand out more quickly. Because people find it difficult to resist temptation, a surprisingly presented product will be sold sooner. Crates, shelves or etagères are excellent tools to create height differences on your product table.

Products that express the corporate identity

As a company and as a salesperson it is important to have your own image. So make sure that your market stall also breathes the corporate identity of your choice. This can be done by providing the tables with a sheet with the company logo, but also by using banners in a strategically convenient way. Place the banners in clearly visible places and model the designs according to your chosen corporate identity. In this way you work on a recognizable brand identity that will quickly be noticed by interested visitors. With a handy roll-up mini you can also decorate the product tables with very compact banners.

Price tags

Visitors don't like to guess prices and often don't like to ask what something costs. With a price tag they can see exactly what they need to pay for an item in a single glance. So make sure you have clearly visible price tags, for example in the form of stickers, clips or pins. You can also choose an original and unique design that is thematically close to the products you sell.

Plenty of cash

In markets, people usually still pay cash. So always make sure you have enough change. Divide the total amount of change into small pieces of paper money (five and ten euro bills) and a solid supply of coins. A money box is a good place to keep the cash. You can also bring a mobile ATM, but the question is whether this is really necessary. Most people who visit a market or fair know that you should actually have cash in your pocket at such an event.

Online advertisement

Announce on your website and social media that you are on a particular market with a well-filled stall. For example, you can also send a discount coupon with the newsletter to make customers more aware of your market stall. Promote at the market with a nice offer or campaign in exchange for an email address or subscription to your newsletter. This is a good and fast way to collect more customers.

A good product assortment

Make sure that the product range in your market stall is a good reflection of the total assortment. So try to offer a varied range of articles. This way you will attract the attention of a more mixed audience and show what customers can expect if they want to visit the webshop or physical store again later for a follow-up purchase.

Business cards and flyers

It is also wise to bring the necessary promotional material with you when you go to a market. Think for example of business cards, brochures or flyers. This way people will always be able to find you later on. Who knows, someone who doesn't immediately make a purchase in your market stall might become a good customer later on… Make sure that the lightweight materials don't get blown away or get wet in bad weather.

Bring your own chair

A whole day standing up is not easy. Therefore, always bring a chair or stool to the market. Make sure you do not sit all the time, especially if there are people at your stall. There is a great chance that this will make a passive and uninterested impression on the visitors. But it's nice to give your legs some rest during quiet moments.


You see, there are a lot of things to think about when setting up a market stall. But with a good preparation, the right promotional tools, an appealing corporate identity and an attractive product range, selling in a market is an excellent way to give your total sales an extra boost.

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