Beach flag options

Options for beach flags

We have a large product range in beach flags and sometimes it's difficult to decide what you're looking for. In this category we will try to help you make choices by composing your beach flag and selecting the right options. Ordering a beach flag could depend on some important facts. Below you will find an overview of these facts:

- What kind of information will be shown on the beach flag?
- Will the beach flags be used inside or outside?
- What is your budget?
- Which colors will be used on the flag?
- What is the ground surface where the beach flags will stand on or in?

What information will be shown on the beach flag?

This is one of the most important aspects for selecting the options. If you know this information it is easier to select a beach flag model. For example, if you have a square or round logo which you want to have on the flag, a beach flag model Flying or a M-Wide (Straight, Convex, Concave and Angled) will be a good solution. If you only want to show a piece of text or website a beach flag model Shark will fit. For all our beach flag models click here. Tip: The beach flag Convex is a model which has a longer lifetime then some other models. Because of the round finish there is no corner which will be flapping in the wind. 

Will the beach flags be used inside or outside?

After selecting one of the eight models you have to make a decision about the beach flag size. Before choosing the right size it's important to know if the beach flags will be used inside or outside. If you want to use the beach flag inside you need to know the height of the ceiling. Take a look at the total height of the beach flags before selecting a size. You will find a clear overview of all models and sizes on the Dimensions page. The models Block and Flying are with a total height of 200cm the smallest beach flags we have. Smaller or custom sizes we can make on request.

Because there is space between the end of the pole and the beginning of the flag it is possible to shorten the poles. The bottom part (thickest part) is made of aluminum. With an iron saw you could shorten the bottom part of the pole. First assemble the beach flag before cutting of the poles. After cutting the pole use a file to make the edges smooth so it still fits on the base.

Which color pocket will you choose?

To finish your own beach flag it is important to know if you want to have a black or white pocket (no extra charge). The material of this pocket is extra strong so you can slide the pole in and out. We have the experience to know that a stronger pocket will increase the lifetime of the beach flags a lot. On request, it is possible to make the pocket in any color but the pocket will be made of flag material as well (not recommended). Most of the time the pocket color will be chosen depending on the flag color. If you have a dark flag you can use the black pocket or with a white flag a white pocket. Sometimes a black pocket on a white flag look great because it fits with the logo. Check your design and choose your pocket color.

What is the ground surface of the beach flag location?

In the end it is important to know the place where you will install the beach flags. Beach flags can be installed in different ways. By using a ground pin or screw base you can install the beach flag in the ground. This option is possible if the ground is soft like sand or grass. Sometimes it is possible to place a ground pin between the stones (bricks) of the street. If the beach flags will be used inside you could use a cross base or ground plate. For a fixed position of the beach flags a wall mount bracket could be useful. These wall mount brackets will be installed once against a wall of pole. The position of the beach flags will be always the same and it is easy to place and remove the flags. For outside use we advise you opt for beach flag base with rotatable pin.

What is your budget?

Depending on your budget you can order a large or larger beach flag. The height is important if you want to have the information reaching a certain height. Think about walls, gates, cars and people. The cost for a larger beach flag will be higher because more material and labor is used. Beside the size we also have a possibility to choose a material. The cheapest solution is the standard single sided printed beach flags. Air textile polyester is a perfect solution if your beach flags are always outside. This material is because of its structure stronger and more elastic then other polyester materials. We also offer you double-sided printed beach flags. This is a unique solution because the information will always be shown correctly to the customers. For a small extra charge you could order these unique double-sided beach flags.

If you have special requests about the possibilities regarding options please contact us at [email protected]

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