Beach flag accessories

To fasten your beach flag in a proper and correct way you will need, beside a quality and flexible pole, a proper beach flag base. offers you different quality bases for different circumstances. Important things before choosing your base are the location of the flag, ground and weather conditions. If you place the beach flags outside we recommend a base which can rotate with the wind. We sell multiple bases with a double bearing pin. If a beach flag can rotate with the wind there will be less stress on the pole, flag and base. This will definitely increase the life time of your beach flag. Some bases can be weighted down with a 10 liter water bag. To transport and store your beach flag we offer special bags to keep your flags clean and safe.

Beach flag bases

For indoor use of a beach flag you need to use a different base then for outdoor use. If you want to use the flag inside on a hard surface you can choose for a cross base, luxury cross base (heavier material), ground plate or beach flag holder. For inside use it's not necessary to use a base with a rotatable pin. A cross base or ground plate can be weighted down with a water bag. A beach flag holder can be filled with water or sand to make it much more stable. Depending on the weather conditions and location we advise to make the bases as heavy as possible.

The bases we mentioned above are also suitable for outdoor use. If you have the possibility to fasten your beach flag to the wall or place them in the ground you can use one of our wall mount brackets of ground plugs. You can choose our high quality ground spike, screw base, plastic base or one of our three wall mount brackets. Our ground spike has a double bearing rotatable pin, luxury chrome finish and can be easily put in the ground. If you have a soft ground like sand or snow a screw base (metal or plastic) is a good solution. The screw base also has a rotatable pin and with its foldable handles it is easy to place in the ground. If you want to have your beach flags fixed in the same location use one of our mounting brackets. You can attach your beach flag to a wall or screw these bases on a pole. These bases make sure that the beach flags stand up straight (180 degrees) and that they look professional for you, your company and your customers. You can also mount them in an angle of 90 degrees or 45 degrees with the angled wall mount bracket. Our three mounting brackets are supplied with a rotatable double bearing 16mm pin so the flag can rotate in the wind.

Beach flag accessories

If you order your beach flag online you can choose to order them with pole or without pole. Sometimes if the pole is broken (storm) or you want another flag for your pole, you want to order these items separately so you can save money. We deliver our beach flag parts separately too, so you get the best price for the products you need. Our poles can be ordered online in different sizes. You can check and compare the sizes you need with the specifications of each product. To take care of your beach flag during transport or storage we advise to use a transport bag. If you order a complete beach flag, a bag is included in the package. You can also order the transport bag easily online.

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