Feather flag models and sizes

Feather flag models and sizes

What different models and sizes of feather flags are there? And which model and size can I use when? You can read it here.

Purchasing a feather flag: What types and sizes are there?

Thanks to its striking appearance, affordable price-performance ratio and compactness, a beach flag is a very handy and flexible promotional tool. In order to fully meet your specific wishes, beach flags are also available in various sizes and types. What types of beach flags are there? And what are the strengths and peculiarities of each model. In this article we will explain and list the different types of beach flags for you.

Different sizes feather flags

Each beach flag is unique and has its own dimensions. One aspect that is important to many people is the height of the flag. It is possible that the space inside is limited, which means that the flag may not be too high. Do you use the flag outside, which is certainly not a crazy idea with a beach flag? Then it may be important that the flag is also visible from a distance and stands above other objects (e.g. stands, stalls or tents). In order to be able to deliver a usable flag for every situation, our beach flags are available in the following sizes:

  • Size XS: the printing space (width by height) is 60 x 186 centimetres and the total height of 250 cm including the pole.
  • Size S :printing space of 60 x 240 cm and a height of 300 cm.
  • M-wide: an extra wide version due to the printing area of 90 x 300 cm. These flags also have a total height of 400 centimetres.
  • Size M: the printing for this size is 70 x 330 centimetres. The total height is set at 420 centimetres.
  • Size L: the largest size with a printing space of 70 x 330 cm and a height of no less than 500 cm. A real eye-catcher that attracts attention everywhere.

Feather flag Flying/ Drop

The feather flag Flying has the shape of a large drop and is therefore often called 'Drop'. These flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are very compact. So you can easily take them with you and put them anywhere you want. Because of their handy size, Dropflags are often used on the beach or in small indoor spaces. Because of their compact size, dropflags are mainly used for displaying company logos or short slogans. They are less suitable for extensive text messages or large photo prints. The beachflag Flying is available in sizes XS, S, M and L.

Beachflag Straight

The beachflag Straight is the most common model on the market. It is a flag that radiates modernity and offers a lot of printing space for your company logo, advertising message or photos. The bottom of this flag is straight. This type of beach flag is used in catering establishments (think of beach bars for example), the business world (as a signboard for offices or showrooms) as well as at events such as trade fairs. The Straight is available in all sizes, including the special size M-wide.

The Block: plenty of space

Do you want to put extra text or images on your beach flag? Then the Block is undoubtedly an excellent option. This model looks a lot like a banner flag and therefore guarantees extra printing space. Ideal if you want to stand out from the crowd with a photo collage or extensive text message! Besides, the flag's shape makes it ideal for printing rectangular logos. The flag is available in polyester and air textile. The Block can be used to promote companies, services and products and certainly does not look out of place at events such as sports tournaments or large trade fairs.

The solid Convex

Are you looking for a beachflag that is outdoors and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and strong winds? Then the Convex is an ideal model. The bottom of this type of flag is round. The main advantage of this design? The angle cannot rattle, which greatly reduces the risk of damage to the flag. The Convex is available in all sizes.

Concave, Angled and Shark

The Concave, Angled and Shark are types of beach flags that have a similar shape. However, there are subtle differences between the three models. The Concave, for example, has a curved bottom finish, while the Angled has a diagonal bottom. The Shark is the narrowest beach flag model and is perfectly tailored to display elongated logos and texts.

A beach flag for every occasion

As you can see, the beach flag has different appearances. For whatever occasion or for whatever purpose you need one, there is always a flag available to show off your message in the best possible way. This gives you an extra eye-catcher, which also guarantees a high degree of flexibility and ease of use.

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