Acquiring new customers with feather flags

Acquiring new customers with feather flags

To attract customers to your offline and online store, follow this checklist. Provide an attractive shop window, a special entrance, a promotional campaign, send a newsletter, provide excellent customer service and pay attention to social media.

How do I attract customers to my store? A handy checklist to attract customers

The number of webshops is increasing and are becoming major competitors of physical stores. This means that you have to make an effort to get customers out of their lazy seats and lead them to your store. Sitting still is no longer an option! But how do you attract extra customers to your physical store? We show you the best and most effective tips for attracting customers in the form of a handy checklist.

Create an attractive shop window

An attractive shop window is still the best sign for your business. So pay enough attention to its decoration. Provide an attractive and above all eye-catching appearance that is aesthetically pleasing in terms of colour or theme. Roll-up banners are an excellent tool to give your shop window extra attention and to highlight certain articles or product lines. Also regularly make some changes in your shop window. In order to attract customers, it is important that you also offer new articles every now and then. A shop where the same items have been in the spotlight for two months will quickly be skipped by the modern consumer.

Place beachflags

In order to attract more visitors, it is of course also important that your store stands out in the street. To achieve this, the use of beach flags is definitely recommended. These light and multifunctional flags come in different shapes and sizes. So there is always a model available that is perfectly tailored for your personal advertising needs. Because beach flags are easy to move, you can easily use them as eye-catchers for your shop. Besides, you don't need a license or permission to place beach flags. This means that these flags do not involve any additional administrative burden.

Create a special entrance

Would you like to add a visual touch to the saying 'the customer is king'? Then opt for an eye-catching entrance that stands out in the street where your shop is located. For example, you can choose a welcoming red carpet, but you can also choose remarkable street art on the sidewalk in front of the entrance.

Attract customers with a special offer

Special promotional campaigns are a great way for customers to get to know your store and product range. There are several examples of such promotions. For example, you can hand out samples of your products. Attracting customers to your store often becomes easier if potential shoppers can try out items or have a closer look at them. Also offering a free additional service (for example free cleaning of a product) is an example of a good in-store action that often works very well on a promotional level.

Organize a promotional event

Also a special promotional event is often a good way to attract more visitors to your store. It attracts attention and gives your shop just that little bit of extra appearance. Do you sell clothing, for example? Then a fashion show, possibly presented by a local or national TV personality, is an excellent option. By responding to current trends, you provide an event with extra relevance.

Workshops or interactive product demonstrations can also serve as a promotional event. Make sure that you always collect email addresses and contact details during the event. After all, it also has to deliver something in the form of more customer service. Regularly organizing regular events puts your business on the map and helps you to attract more customers structurally. Don't you have the financial funds to organise an interesting promotional event? Then approach other businesses in the area, join forces and do something together!

Send a newsletter

Sending out a newsletter is one of the best ways to stay in touch with customers. In the newsletter you can inform customers about new products or offers, but also, for example, provide detailed information about current trends and the special features or functioning of a particular item in your collection. Creating and sending a newsletter helps. Attracting existing customers to your shop a few extra times is in fact often easier than finding new customers.

Provide excellent customer service

An important advantage of the traditional store compared to a webshop is the personal contact with the customer. As the owner of a physical store, you can build a personal relationship with the customer and offer certain services that are more difficult for a web shop to deliver. The most successful physical stores are characterized by excellent customer service and high quality product knowledge.

Enthusiasm, a lot of expertise and a high level of service are the golden eggs in the modern shopping cart. Customers appreciate extra know-how, service, personal attention and a sincere thank you after making a purchase. They are often willing to pay extra for this.

Reach more customers with online advertising and social media

Digital channels are indispensable today if you want to attract extra customers to your store. Many buyers do the necessary research on the internet before they actually visit a store. Take advantage of this by advertising online. Also pay attention to findability. This can be done by taking a good and critical look at your Google score. Is it still on the low side? Then optimize your website and advertisements with good keywords and strong content.

Social media is also a great option to attract attention to your store. The secret? Post useful information and beautiful photos of your products on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Devote the most attention to the channel that attracts most of your customers. In addition, you can use content smartly by using text and photos on each channel in a slightly different way. With special promotions, in exchange for an email address or newsletter subscription, you will build a nice group of online fans. And your mailing list will grow as well. Social media are an excellent, effective and inexpensive way to keep in touch with customers even outside the direct shopping environment.


As you can see, even in the digital era there are still many ways to attract extra customers to your physical store. A wide and passionate approach, with an eye for both digital and more traditional promotion methods, is usually the best recipe. Above all, make sure you offer customers something extra and unique. With a firm dose of energy, more visitors will automatically come to your store.

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