Advantages of beach flags over other flags

Advantages of beach flags over other flags

Why choose a beach flag compared to other flags? We will answer this question in this blog.

Advantages of beach flags over other flags

By now, you have come to realize that a flag is an excellent advertising tool to prominently promote your company, brand or message. However, the question remains as to which flag you should choose. This depends largely on the goal and available budget. Beach flags are an excellent choice in many ways. They combine incredible flexibility with a friendly price. Are you also curious about the added value of a beach flag? In this article we will list a number of important advantages and features of this type of flag.

Beachflags are quickly noticed

Because the advertising is at eye level, a beach flag is not easily overlooked. Besides, the flags have a modern, unique and eye-catching appearance. Because of this, people often want to take a look at what exactly is written on the beach flag. In this way, you can also reach random passers-by who may eventually turn out to be new customers. Beach flags are available in various sizes and designs. There is a good chance that the design you prefer is among the available options!

Advertising without a licence

As a company or entrepreneur with ambitions, you cannot do without advertising. But this can be a very expensive activity. After all, it is not just allowed to attach outdoor advertising to the facade or just place it on the street. For objects such as light boxes or large, freestanding advertising objects, you will in most cases need an environmental licence. Are you in or near a historic building or within the field of view of a protected cityscape? Then the rules are even stricter. You can avoid these complications with a beach flag. This type of flag does not require a licence, unless explicitly indicated by the municipality. Make sure you have a beach flag with a suitable foot and a strong design. This way, you can create striking outdoor advertising in a safe, responsible and cost-friendly way.

Findable on a business park

Business premises offer many practical advantages. Think of a good infrastructure, plenty of parking space and excellent accessibility. The disadvantage, however, is that you are often hardly visible among the range of other companies. This is certainly the case if you also share a building with other organisations. A beautiful beach flag with the company logo in full colour, quickly makes you more visible and findable. The beach flags can easily be placed in strategically advantageous locations. For example at the entrance to the company building.

Fairs and congresses

There is a good chance that you, as an entrepreneur, also regularly visit trade fairs or congresses. Even at such events your company should of course catch the eye of as many visitors as possible. Nevertheless, carrying a handful of life-size flags and heavy assembly systems can be a burden. With a beach flag you don't have this problem. This flag type is in fact feather-light, compact, handy, easy to transport and just as easy and quick to set up. The beach flag is an ideal signboard to profile yourself among colleagues on location and to present your company or brand optimally to potential customers or suppliers.

Easy to install

Beachflags are easy to install, even for people with little technical knowledge. The flag has only one mounting point. This allows the beachflag to turn with the wind at all times. This is important, because it prevents the pole from being overloaded by the wind. In addition, a beach flag is also very easy to bring down and store.

Easy to produce

Marketing and promotion are important parts of business practice. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to make sufficient time for this structurally. The time and effort you put into advertising is often at the expense of your real core business. By using beach flags, this problem plays much less of a role. Beachflags are very easy to order and can be delivered quickly. You can make your own design, but you can also leave that to us. Then choose the model that best suits your company and message. As soon as we receive the design and the order, we will take care of the rest. You will have the fully customized beachflag within a few working days.

Affordable advertising tool

Although the exact price of course depends on factors such as the chosen size, model and printing (single sided or double sided), beach flags are quite price-friendly. This is especially true if you compare the price of the flags with expensive advertisements such as commercials or the printing of flyers.

Wide applicability

Beachflags are widely applicable. Would you like to welcome the visitors of an event? Or are you aiming to bring a brand new product to the attention of the customer? A beachflag offers a solution. Additionally, the flags are just as easy to use at a sports tournament, market or concert as in a more businesslike setting. With a beach flag you can literally go in all directions!

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