Maintain Beachflag: Tips to keep your beachflag nice and clean.

Maintain Beachflag: Tips to keep your beachflag nice and clean.

The main points of attention when maintaining and washing your beach flags. Learn here how you can iron your flag in the best way, how to wash it and how to store your flags in the best possible way. Take the flag inside in extreme weather conditions.

Tips to keep your beachflag clean

A beach flag is an excellent advertising tool to highlight your brand, company or message. However, good maintenance is important. This way, the flag stays in optimal condition and you can enjoy it much longer. What are the most important points of attention when maintaining and washing your beach flags? We provide a number of tips.

Ironing a beach flag

When your new beach flag comes out of the package, there will be folds in your flag. This is because the flag needs to be folded for transport. You can choose to have the folds blown out of the flag by the wind but this often takes a long time. Getting your flag smooth is quicker by ironing it. Make sure that you do not iron directly on the fabric. This is polyester and this material is made by a melting process. We advise you to put a towel or cloth between the iron and the flag and then iron the flag.

Flags for outdoor use

The name beachflag says it all: this type of flag is extremely suitable for outdoor use. The textile of which the flags are made is well equipped to resist rain and wind. The fabric of a beach flag will therefore not easily fray, tear or fade. The flags are not immune to substances such as sand, fine dust, salt or mud. And, of course, a dirty flag is not what you want. It looks messy and sloppy, and of course that is not the image you want to give to the customers.

Washing a beach flag

Fortunately, the fabric of a beach flag is good and easy to wash out. Wash the flags at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Preferably use a short program, with a minimum number of revolutions and without spinning. When washing flags, only use bleach-free detergents. The best approach is to hang the beach flags open after washing, for example on a laundry line. On average, a beach flag takes two hours to dry. You can wash out beach flags as often as necessary, without having to worry about the colours fading. This is because the fabric is printed by means of sublimation. This technique uses heat to put the print on the flag. Ink is converted into gas at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, creating a form of printing with a long lifespan.

Bring the flag inside with stormy winds

Beachflags are ideal for windy spots. This is mainly due to two important characteristics of the flags. First of all, beach flags are made of a type of textile (air textile) that is equipped with small holes. This makes the flags flow more easily with the wind and they can tolerate high wind speeds without breaking, fraying or tearing. Besides, most beach flags are equipped with a pole made of fiberglass. This material bends with the wind and then automatically returns to its original shape. However, there is also a limit to the wind resistance of a beachflag. In strong winds (>5Bft), it is really better to bring your flags inside. If you temporarily store your flags indoors during such strong wind speeds, a beach flag usually lasts an entire season (at least 4 to 5 months).

Beware of heavy rain and snow

The same goes for rain and snow as for wind: beach flags can cope with it, but of course there is a limit. Especially when the rain is very hard and heavy or when there is persistent snow, it is better to put your beachflags inside temporarily. A summertime shower is not a problem. But long-term exposure to rain and snow doesn't exactly make the flags more beautiful.

Store the beach flags dry

Has the season come to an end? Would you like to use your beach flags at a different location? Or did you just give the flags a good wash? Then always store them clean and dry, preferably in a special bag. Also clean the parts (e.g. the poles and ground spikes) well. This way, your beach flags will always stay in top condition and last extra long!

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