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Beach flag bases

When you place your beach flag inside, you will need a different base than when you use them outside. If you use the flag inside or on a hard surface like concrete you cannot mount them properly to the floor. We sell several options for placing your beach flag on hard surfaces. You could for example choose for the standard cross base or the luxury cross base. For inside use, a ground plate is also a nice solution. For heavier conditions you could choose for the beach flag holder, which can be filled with water or sand of up to 30kg! A water bag, which we sell separately or as a package deal could be useful for the cross bases and ground plates. Fill the water bag with water to add 10kg to your cross base or ground plate. With the water bag your beach flag will stand more stably.

Use a ground spike or screw base if you want to place your beach flag outside. These bases are very strong and make sure the beach flag will also stay upright with heavy wind conditions. We deliver ground spikes, screw bases and economic screw bases (cheaper model). The ground spike is the strongest of the three models. With its rotatable 16mm pin and its chrome finish this spike is the best selling base we have. If the ground is soft, like sand or grass, a screw base or plastic screw can be used. The screw base is by default supplied with a rotatable pin which make sure the beach flag rotates with the wind. The cheaper plastic screw base is ideal for outdoor events and available in 4 colors. To avoid damage to the flag or pole it's important that the flag can rotate with the wind. For the plastic screw a rotator can be bought as an optional accessory.

If you have the possibility, you could use a wall mount bracket to screw your beach flag to a wall or pole with screws or bolts. A big advantage of this way of mounting is that the position of the beach flags is fixed, day in day out. As for the wall mounting brackets we have several options. You could choose for a wall bracket with a mounting angle parallel to the wall, right-angled or 45 degrees. All our wall mounting brackets are supplied with a rotatable pin with bearings.

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